About Monitors for Broadway Auditions
Learn how to treat the monitor at a Broadway audition with expert performance tips in this free...

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Singing Lessons and Tips : Learn How...
Choose songs that are comfortable when practicing singing in this free video series that will...

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10 Tips to your Best Singing Audition
Ariella Vaccarino offers ten tips for having the best voice audition possible, wheter it be for...

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Sugarland gives Marci voice lessons
In preperation of her Chicago Cubs 7th inning stretch audition, Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush...

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Tutorial for voice acting auditions...
See how I do it! If you are interested in more tips, critiques on your auditions, and maybe even...

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Acting & Singing Tips : How to...
Project your voice by using strong breaths from the diaphragm and creating more resonance of the...

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Singing Lessons: Handling Rejection
Part of singing lessons is handling rejection at an audition. Stay positive with tips from a...

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