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About Monitors for Broadway Auditions

Learn how to treat the monitor at a Broadway audition with expert performance tips in this free online Broadway related video clip. ATHENA REICH: In this clip, I'm going to talk about the monitor. The monitor is the person who sits outside the audition room and they're really the administrator for the audition. They--this is the person you come to in the morning to--and he--he or she gives you your time slot, he or she tells you it's time for you to line up, he or she actually will tell you--remind you in this audition their looking for a 16-bar cut of an up-tempo legitimate song. A lot of actors make the mistake of thinking this person is just the administrator and they can be rude to the monitor and between you and me, not all monitors are nice, beautiful, courteous angels. Sometimes they can be snippy, but you gotta really rise above and I'll tell you why. Because there have been many instances where an actor is a little bit snippy to a monitor and the monitor goes in the room and says, "The next person to audition is [PH] John Smith and he was a little snippy to me, just for your information." So, be careful, be courteous and always professional to the monitor. eHow Article: About Monitors for Broadway Auditions

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Singing Lessons and Tips : Learn How to Sing with Comfortable Songs

Choose songs that are comfortable when practicing singing in this free video series that will show you how to perfect your singing and vocal technique. Expert: Athena Reich Contact: Bio: Athena Reich is a professional musician, actress, artist, singer, songwriter and coach for all of the above. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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10 Tips to your Best Singing Audition

Ariella Vaccarino offers ten tips for having the best voice audition possible, wheter it be for American Idol, a garage band, or the opera.

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Sugarland gives Marci voice lessons

In preperation of her Chicago Cubs 7th inning stretch audition, Jennifer Nettles & Kristian Bush give US99 Music Director, Marci Braun voice lessons backstage in Tinley Park.

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Tutorial for voice acting auditions for youtube

See how I do it! If you are interested in more tips, critiques on your auditions, and maybe even your own personalized lesson videos, please drop me a line, and I'll be glad to help you! For tips on working with audacity, follow this link: Audacity can be found here: For Audacity, you need the LAME encoder, for exporting as MP3 or WAV, which can be found here: Sorry, forgot that part.

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Acting & Singing Tips : How to Project Your Voice

Project your voice by using strong breaths from the diaphragm and creating more resonance of the voice in your head and throat. Belt out acting lines or a singing voice by projecting your voice with help from a professional musician and actress in this free video on voice exercises. Expert: Athena Reich Contact: Bio: Athena Reich is a professional musician, actress, artist, singer, songwriter and coach for all of the above. Filmmaker: Paul Muller

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Singing Lessons: Handling Rejection

Part of singing lessons is handling rejection at an audition. Stay positive with tips from a professional singer in this free video on vocal technique. Alright, Lady J here. This is my last segment. It's been really a lot of fun. I want to tell you guys one last time my web site is It stands for J net. Why were you rejected? OK? You go into your audi, your audition, you feel like you nailed it. You feel like you were everything that these directors could ever want. You don't really know. You don't know exactly what these directors want. You don't know your competition. A lot of times with professional, and semi-professional theater, they already have someone picked out. They could be bringing, they, they sometimes they are sometimes recruiting for months and months, sometimes a year in advance. Some of their lead roles that you wanted. Sometimes you just don't know if you didn't get picked because you don't have blond hair, or you don't have short hair, or don't have this or that. You never know. The lead guy could be way shorter than you and that could be the reason. They already have someone that they know. You don't know. Don't beat yourself up. OK. Have a good time. OK? A lot of times it takes ten no's to get one yes. Sometimes more than that. If you love what you're doing, get right back on the horse. First of all go home, scream into your pillows, say some bad words, whatever. Get it out. But don't let it carry with you, get over it and get right back out there. And keep learning, keep progressing and keep challenging yourself. Make those choices. This is Lady J, Jeanette Herrera, with Expert It's been a pleasure."

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