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Song Production (1) with Brady Barnett

Learn professional song production techniques from a real industry veteran! Are you an artist or producer that wants to record full, gorgeous arrangements, but doesn't have the budget, band, or space to record? Then follow along with multi-platinium engineer Brady Barnett as he shows you the process he uses to fully produce a song with limited resources and budget. Brady takes you through the process of song production starting from a rough guitar/vocal and finishing with a fully produced & polished final mix. Work through percussion, guitar, and keyboard overdubs--as well as experiment with various plugins and soft-synths. Use software like BFD, PurePitch, Stylus RMX, and more. Even learn how to "create" background vocals and arrangements. It's never been easier to make your songs sound like commercially-released productions, so check out Multi-Platinum Song Production and dramatically improve your own tracks today! Engineer and Producer Brady Barnett is one of the leading Pro Tools editors in the industry whose accomplishments include work on the Grammy-Award winning "Cold Hard Truth" (George Jones), 11-times platinum "No Strings Attached" ('N Sync) and numerous other multi-platinum selling records. He has worked with many of the top industry producers: Tony Brown, Dann Huff, Keith Stegall, Buddy Cannon, Norro Wilson, Frank Rogers, and Brown Bannister. His impressive client list includes such artists as 'N Sync, Faith Hill, Alan Jackson, George Strait, Brad Paisley, LeAnn Rimes, George Jones, Trace Adkins, Reba, Lonestar, Keith Urban, SHeDAISY, and Steven Curtis Chapman. This sample video is highly compressed for YouTube. Check out for longer and higher-resolution samples, as well as additional information and tutorials.

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