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The Choir - Boys don't sing - Lancaster School - Final Song

The choir is a inspirational series at the least. These guys really pulled off something magnificent. Incredible performance.. the whole country agrees!

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Learn How To Yodel With Bonnie

I'm sorry for the double upload of this. I've learned a lesson - listen to the WHOLE video as shortly as possible after uploading to youtube. The previous version of this video had an error (that I overlooked) that ruined the whole thing. Sadly enough, in the process, I lost a comment from my favorite Youtuber, Daniel Gardner :( Here is the original description I had on this video: Hi folks! When I wanted to learn how to yodel 3 or 4 years ago I couldn't find much material out there. Here is a free video on how to yodel. I hope to make other videos like this, perhaps covering some new yodels and tips and tricks. Stay tuned, and if you would like to be informed when a new video comes out, subscribe :) Here's a link to some more info I have online about yodeling.

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