Your Voice - Part 2: Causes of voice loss


Added on Sep 26, 2009

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This video provides an explanation of some reasons why your voice may be lost. Here are some links to various voice-related web pages: Voice samples - various types of vocal maladies from laryngitis to spasmodic dysphonia, plus photos of the vocal apparatus: Voice after throat cancer: Listen to Reena. She's 29, began smoking at 13, developed cancer at 19 and had her voice box removed at 21. She speaks with an artificial larynx. Go to Listen to Terri. She was a cheerleader who took up smoking. She eventually developed a throat cancer and underwent a laryngectomy. She now has a voice prosthesis which enables her to speak with some effort. Go to

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Tags: voice  box  vocal  cords  larynx  trachea  laryngitis 


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