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Fat Tony's beatbox tutorials - Abra / crab scratch (guest hosted by LuckeyMonkey) - Vocalist Online

Fat Tony's beatbox tutorials - Abra / crab scratch (guest hosted by LuckeyMonkey)
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I don't like the Abra scratch but it seemed that every other message I received was requesting a tutorial for one. I really don't like the scratch at all. I don't like how it sounds, I don't like that everybody thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread, I don't like anything about it. I didn't want to do an Abra scratch tutorial. So I didn't. This is my girlfriend, the incredibly talented LuckeyMonkey. It's her first beatbox tutorial as well, and I may well ask her to do some more in the future. Check her out at - subscribe, check her videos, etc. The Abra scratch is also commonly called the crab scratch, finger scratch, and transformation scratch. To make the sound: 1 - Make a kissy face 2 - Put your finger against your lip (or, indeed, any part of your hand / arm / foot) 3 - Inhale whilst breathing words like "too" or "tooka" 4 - Use uvular oscillation and clickrolls to add rolls to the scratch 5 - Put into a beat 6 - Note that there are a massive variety of ways you can do this sound. The finger and thumb method described is the most common when it comes to putting the sound into a beat because it's possible to do it whilst holdinga microphone. Hope you enjoy the video, more guest videos may well come in the future. Updated on a tentative weekly schedule (I say tentative because let's face it, stuff goes wrong - I get ill, or my camera explodes, or my laptop transforms and leaves me) this series will teach you the ins and outs of beatboxing, as well as some ups and downs and even a few lefts and rights. Please feel free to hit the subscribe button, or leave a comment mentioning my awesomeness. If you would like help with the sounds or feedback on your beats, post a video response showing the sound as you are doing it, and I will be happy to give feedback. Become a fan on Facebook for regular updates - Follow me on Twitter - If you have any questions you'd like answered, email me: Fat_Tony@HUMANBEATBOX.COM Peace, love, and guest stars -FT
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