(HD) Alexandra Burke Vocal Range - Studio: Eb3-C6 (2004-2009)


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Here is the vocal range of Alexandra "The Upcoming Diva" Burke I love her and I don't see why people hate her but I'm very sure she'll 'Overcome' the haters (bad pun lol) Well EVERYBODY ENJOY!!! -Low/Vocal Fry Register: Eb3, F3 & G3 -Upper Chest/Modal Register: B4, C5, C#5, D5, Eb5, E5, F5, F#5 & G5 -Head Voice/Falsetto Register: G5, A5, Bb5 & C6 -Super Head Voice/Whistle Register: None Alexandra Burke's Stats: -Low/Vocal Fry Register: Eb3-G3 -Upper Chest/Modal Register: C5-G5 -Head Voice/Falsetto Register: G5-C6 -Super Head Voice/Whistle Register: None -Voice Type: Full Lyric Contralto -Vocal Range: 2 Octaves 4 Notes & A Semitone - Eb3-C6 Alexandra Burke - Lowest Note (Studio): Eb3 Lowest Note (Live): Eb3 ('The Silence" Live) Highest Note (Studio): C6 Highest Note (Live): Bb5 Highest Exclamation: C#6 Vocal Type: Full Lyric Contralto Vocal Range: 2 Octaves 4 Notes & A Semitone (Eb3-C6) Alexandra Burke Vocal Range - Studio: Eb3-C6 Overcome Bad Boys Broken Heels The Silence Featuring Flo Rida Beyonce X-Factor Winner 2008

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