4 octave wonders Pt. 2 - David Lee Roth


Added on Apr 15, 2010

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Not the first singer youd think of but in these 3 clips david shows some very very deep vocals without resorting to vocal fry and also some short high notes (no falsetto). Clip 1 from "me wise magic" shows Low A:s (A2) and some double-low A:s (A1) and a short F#5, 2nd clip shows several C#2:s and some short G1:s (the sheet music says F#1!) and lastly the 3rd clip shows a F#5 towards the end (from the solo song "slamdunk"). Let the debate begin! NEW Info: After doing many bass videos I am now more familiar with the concept of "vocal fry" and Dave is guilty of that technique for the deepest notes in clip 1 and 2, he often slides downwards at the end of a word and those end notes are fry (i.e. they are not emanating from the chest but only from the throat). The lowest he goes without fry is very hard to say. In clip 1 he goes down to at least G2 in chest voice and in the 2nd clip he starts it on a chest B1 and then hits many C#2:s in chest. The last phrase (FOR YOUR INNER EAR) is very low (around G#1/A1) and sounds pretty chesty but whispery. If Dave can do these notes live Id be more convinced. New new info: in watch?v=QbXPHiyE7uE (just like a gigolo pre-talk) he goes down to G1 a couple of times and I dont think its growl.

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