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Time for the subcontra octave and also to leave the world of pure singing! Iīll repeat some Paul Kennamer and Tim Storms here for comparison against youtuber 5Hz. 1.Tim storms humming/singing a C1 from song "amazin grace" live version with Rescue. 2.Tim diving down to at least C1, from the Tim Storms sings eigth hertz youtube video. I donīt think there actually was a 8 Hz in that video. Guiness book of world records perhaps holds the rights to it? 3.Tim touching a A0/Bb0 (bottom note on the piano!) in the beginning of this clip!! also from "amazing grace". 4.Paul Kennamer hitting first an Ab1 then frying two D1:s (unsure of the pitch here) and then ending on the lowest note in the clip, a B0 in non-fry. Song is Jesus will fix it. 5.Paul hitting a strong Ab1 and then a strong Gb1 and then ending on a Ab0, song is Itīs almost over. 6.Youtuber 5Hz ending Have yourself a merry Christmas with a house shaking non-fry Ab0. Notice the crying from a very young person afterwards! Earlier in the song this guy is touching on a Bb4! All these clips are from the Bottom out clip. 7.The 5Hz guy again. This time he ends a song on a strong chesty Ab1-D1-Ab0 cadence and then (separate recording?) sings Eb1-Ab0 in a more dry and clean way (vocal fry?). 8.5Hz singing Walk that lonesome road on Bb1-Ab1-Gb1-Ab1-Ab1.Ab0 and then singing Walk that lone on Bb0-Ab0-F0/Gb0 and then he pausesThis is also done in the dry and clean way. If it is fry it sure sounds very powerful. The picture shows a zoomed display of the audio in windows movie maker. It is evident that the pps (see below) is decreasing. 9.Paul Kennamer with his now famous C0 to C1 slide on the last word, DISPLAYYYY. The slide is hard to hear but if one listens for the number of pulses per second (pps) it is easier. C0 is 16 Hz and C1 32 Hz and one noticeably hears that the pps is increasing. The picture shows a zoomed display of the audio in windows movie maker. Here one sees how the pps is increasing for Paul. In comparison a C0 with 4 harmonics and one single C0 (no harmonics). 10.And for all you out there who say that humans cannot hear 16 Hz, here is proof that we can! It is a C0 with a 4 harmonics according to the harmonic structure of an Oboe. I clearly hear it and it sounds like 16 pps. NB: The volume must be turned up way high and good speakers have to be used. 11.The C0 with no harmonics is more felt than heard though. 12.One actually also can hear a C-1 (8 Hz) if the harmonics are there. The picture is applicable for the C-2 next 13.And C-2 with 4 harmonics (4 Hz)! 14.And here 5Hz slides down to that quintuple low C! Actually he is down to ~3Hz at one time. It sounds like weīre inside his throat. Regardless if it is strong vocal fry or not, or some other technique, this is what Tim Storms lowest notes also sound like. I have not heard Timīs Bb-2 but reliable sources tell me that this is how they sound like! Someone told me that Tim has recorded a 1 Hz note this year. 15.I leave you with the complete Walk that Lonesome Road. It begins with the C-2 slide, then some ad lib starting at Bb2, then the Bb1 and Bb0 phrase from clip 29 above. Then (at approx. 4:34) he switches to a very pulsating mode and continues down to Bb-1 and Bb-2 but I donīt hear any words no more. The pitch is very unstable also. The picture shows the whole clip in a frequency analysis with time on the x-axis and frequency on the y-axis. The slide is very clear and also its harmonics. The last picture starts and shows the 4:34 passage where one sees that the pps is very low but unstable. So here we have reached the very end of low noteswhere do we go now? PS. The dry and clean sounding low notes in this clip (including Kennamerīs C0) is very probably strong vocal fry. The notes sound more like a SLOWERING of the voice than a LOWERING. Normal chest voice low notes are produced by lowering the resonance down to the diaphragm while vocal fry happens in the throat and just consists of slowing up the produced sound DS New info: this guy hits several subcontraoctave notes! D1 and F0 in watch?v=gHP-DgGm3W0 G0 (or G-1?) in watch?v=KgQrlOIHm4I A0 in watch?v=B-vOaxzAIJE F#0 and C0 in watch?v=WR0igHH3VCQ

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