Stevie Nicks' Vocal Range [F#2-E5]


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Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac has a recorded vocal range of F#2-E5, two octaves and a minor seventh. She is a contralto but didn't concentrate on her lower register much until her voice started to decline rangewise around the early 90's. She has a very low speaking voice usually around B2-C3, which sometimes drops to some very low baritone notes. Her absolute highest is a G#6 in a laugh from a video here on YouTube! Lower Register #1: A3s from Freedom, a Fleetwood Mac song from Behind The Mask. #2: G#3s from solo song Ooh My Love. #3: G3s from Fleetwood Mac song Sara. #4: F#3s from Violet and Blue. #5: Strong F3s from one of my favourite Mac songs, Gypsy. #6: Time to get low! Very strong E3s from solo song Trouble In Shangri-La... #7: Eb3 from the song Street Angel. #8: A low line from Every Day, with a short B2 ending on a strong C#3. #9: A B2 from Goodbye Baby, on the latest Fleetwood Mac album Say You Will. #10: This low harmony buried right at the end of Destiny Rules, also from Say You Will, ends on Bb2! Higher Register #1: A strong G4 ending on an A4 from Beauty and the Beast. Lovely song! #2: G#4 from Sheryl Crow duet, If You Ever Did Believe, from the Practical Magic soundtrack. #3: A nice sustained A4 from Fall From Grace, on the Trouble In Shangri-la album. #4: Great Bb4 from Stevie's version of the Blues standard At Last. #5: Fantastic B4 from Buckingham/Nicks song Frozen Love! #6: I had to include this one, a head voice C5 from you-know-what! #7: Lovely full-sounding C5s from Rhiannon. #8: A C#5 from Seven Wonders. #9: Nice D5 from Nothing Ever Changes! #10: Stevie's highest full voice note, a glissando up to Eb5 from Wild Heart! #11: An E5 from Sisters of the Moon, but I think this is Christine McVie. At 9:05 of this video watch?v=SNgXVmxj52A there is a short Stevie E5. Stevie speaks her way down to Gb2 in full voice in this interview, and down to D2 with vocal fry watch?v=g3M21qrlFxI

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