Bass Singers #5


Added on Apr 15, 2010

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"I'd like to thank dabeinman for all clips featuring George Younce" This is the 5th video in the collection! David Hester- Im Gonna Make It C2 Taking Back G1 Give it to the Lord B1 Chris West Im on the Battlefield G1 This Jordan A1 This Jordan A1 (again) I Got it Ab1 We Shall See Heaven Someday Ab1 Ted Atwood When i Get Carried Away- A rather weak C2 Eric Bennett I Love to Call I wanna say this one is an Eb1! Aaron Mccune If God be for Us Ab1 Ray Dean Reese Hes a Personal Savior A1 George Younce Ive Found a Hiding Place G1

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Tags: Ernie  Haase  Signature  Sound  Bass  Low  Note  Notes  Basso  Tim  Riley  Duncan  George  Younce  Key  Pitch  Hertz  Vocal  Fry 


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Bass Singers and Low Notes #1 09:05
Bass Singers and Low Notes #1
by VOAdmin
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#7 bass notes: the double low G down to C 08:00

Low C attempt + very low vocal fry 00:20
Low C attempt + very low vocal fry
by VOAdmin
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