Vocal Lessons - Morning Voice Part 2 - Marty Sampson


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click here http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/drupal/ How To Sing - Morning Voice Part 1 - Marty Sampson Date: 02.24.10 Coach: Brett Manning Artist: Marty Sampson Brett's in the studio with special guest, Marty Sampson. Marty has come all the way from Australia to improve his voice and become well rounded as an artist. In part one of this lesson, Brett deals with a struggle common to most singers, morning voice. He gives some exercises to help warm up the voice throughout the day, and get to your full voice as fast as possible. Be sure and check out Marty's website http://martysampson.net/ . Approximate Length: 24 minutes 22 seconds http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/drupal/

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