How to Scream like a BANSHEE from Hell!


Added on Apr 15, 2010

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would you like to learn how to fry scream? maybe i can assit you in this tutorial. im not a teacher but this vocal lesson is an attempt to share my technique. i have no tonsils. i had a tonsillectomy at a young age so that may have an effect on my personal sound. everyone sounds differently when doingmetal vocals. just make sure you dont try to scream with a dry throat and dont push yourself to hard. if you truly want to learn then you will get it. just have patience and determination! rate commment and subscribe! let me know if i didnt explain something fully! feel free to ask questions! leave comments!!

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Vocal fry scream attempt 01:19
Vocal fry scream attempt
by VOAdmin
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Low C attempt + very low vocal fry 00:20
Low C attempt + very low vocal fry
by VOAdmin
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Vowels and Vowel Sounds in Spanish 06:54
Vowels and Vowel Sounds in Spanish
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