#7 bass notes: the double low G down to C


Added on Apr 15, 2010

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1.Paul Harkey from the Anchormen with some nice Ab1:s, song is "After awhile". 2.Finally I found some low Barry White! It shouldnt be so hard though..here he talks/sings around G1/A1 and then sustains a G1 (BELIEVE) moves up to A1 and tries for a whispery D1! The song is Dark and loveley and is a nice duet between Barry and Isaac Hayes (who hits a few D2:s). 3.David lee Roth talksinging his way down to G1, song is Tight. 4.Eric Bennet with a passage sung around G1, song is "Just a little talk with Jesus". This clip was featured in the bass video of biglhot75. 5.Eric again, this time with a powerful G1, song is "When the Lord saved me". Also from the biglhot75 video. 6.Tim Riley hits a looooong G1 in the famous 4 octave spread ending together with Jay Parrack. A live version of When he comes Ill fly away. 7.Same song and note but from this year! 8.JD Sumner with a nice sustained G1 from song One by one. 9.Aaron McCune with two nice G1:s from the biglhot75 video, song is "By Your grace, for Your glory" and "for the sake of my heart". 10.Allen Brantley from Accapella hits a close mike F#1 in the middle of the clip, Im a bit unsure of the pitch though. 11.Barry again, this time with his lowest note ever, three F#1:s from song Low rider. 12.Cecil Stringer (left in picture) with a nice F1, from the same song (Beautiful Life) that I featured in my 5th video where Cecil bottomed out at a C1. 13.Tim with his lowest note ever! A F1 from song Im saved. 14.JD Sumner with a low sung passage bottoming at a F1, song is Wayfaring Stranger. 15.Aaron McCune with his lowest note ever, an E1. Song is That old Alter live in 2003. 16.George Younce with a smoking E1. Song is "The love of the Lord", clip is from biglhot75s bass video. 17.Eric Bennet with a strong E1 (this guy can do a C1!), song is "Terrible time down there", clip is from biglhot75s bass video. 18.Paul Harkey with an Eb1 from Working on a building. Does he do it as good as Sterban? Almost. 19.Paul Kennamer (right in picture) with a good Eb1 from Lay it down, live version. 20.JD again, this time with the final part of One by One, very nice song. He sings G1 on KEEP your heart and on the last SKY. D1 on HEART, a shame that he hesitates though. Possibly even lower on the word draws NIGH in the middle. 21.JD with a live version of Way down with an Elvis imitator. I dont think he nails the C1, rather a D1. 22.In the studio version he does not land on the C1 but rather slides in a whispery way down from Eb1 to B0/C1. 23.Another live version, this time I think he nails the double low C! 24.Youtuber Casey Moo with a C2 and a C1. Im not totally convinced that it is non-fry. It sounds too easy and alas weak, but I could be wrong. Coming up next, the subcontra octave basses

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Low C attempt + very low vocal fry
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