Vocal Lessons - Advanced Vocal Warm Up Part 1


Added on Oct 5, 2010

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click here http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/ad/youtube_sso_article/ Vocal Lessons - Advanced Vocal Warm Up Part 1 Date: 12.23.09 Coach: Jesse Nemitz Artist: Mark Poots Jesse's in the studio with recently certified Brett Manning Associate, Mark Poots. Mark has a big tenor voice, and needs a big warm up to get him ready to sing. This warm up is one of the most advanced vocal workouts you will find anywhere. Its so advanced, we had to break it up into two lessons...be sure to check out part two coming next week. Approximate Length: 48 minutes 29 seconds http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/ad/youtube_sso_article/

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