Auditory Transduction (2002)


Added on Jul 28, 2012

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This 7-minute video by Brandon Pletsch takes viewers on a step-by-step voyage through the inside of the ear, to the acoustic accompaniment of classical music. Pletsch, a former medical illustration student at the Medical College of Georgia, first built a physical ear model and mapped which frequency ranges hit which parts of the inner ear. He then created digital renderings of each part of the hearing pathway using several software packages. A narrator describes how the sound waves travel through each portion of the ear, and how hair cells translate the vibrations they induce into nerve impulses.

Channels: Vocal Health  

Tags: hearing  auditory  transduction  deafness  loss  sound  waves  acoustic  physiology  nerve  hair  cells  biology  Pletsch  Brandon  medical  illustration  animation  MCG  college  georgia 


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