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Fat Tony's beatbox tutorials - Fast hi-hats - Vocalist Online

Fat Tony's beatbox tutorials - Fast hi-hats


Added on Sep 2, 2009

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Fast hi-hats. Now you can beatbox fast. Woo for you. I'll have a video with beats to practice when I do the next tutorials. Woulda done one this time but five vids at once would have been majorly overkill. How to make the sound: 1 - Say "tikka", then take away the "ih" and "ah" so you just get a "tk" sound 2 - Notice how you use the front of your tongue for the "t" and the back of your tongue for the "k". This is what allows you to make the tktk sound so fast 3 - Go tktktktk as fast or as slow as you want - sorted Updated on a tentative weekly schedule (I say tentative because let's face it, stuff goes wrong - I get ill, or my camera explodes, or my laptop transforms and leaves me) this series will teach you the ins and outs of beatboxing, as well as some ups and downs and even a few lefts and rights. Please feel free to hit the subscribe button, or leave a comment mentioning my awesomeness. If you would like help with the sounds or feedback on your beats, post a video response showing the sound as you are doing it, and I will be happy to give feedback. Follow me on Twitter - Become a fan on Facebook - If you have any questions you'd like answered, please feel free to email me: Fat_Tony@HUMANBEATBOX.COM Peace, love, and masala -FT

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