Voice Lessons: Brett Manning Teaches Taylor Pey


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http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/ad/youtube_sso_article/ Title: FINDING POWER IN HEAD VOICE Date: 01.11.2008 Coach: Brett Manning Artist: Taylor Pey Description: Directed by: Jesse Nemitz Taylor comes to Brett with a simple request. More power in head voice. So in todays update we give you some of the very best exercises and techniques to build a clear and powerful head voice from the smallest beautiful sound to the amazing epic quality that only head voice can deliver. Listen and watch as Brett uses his inventive exercises to close Taylors vocal cords and clear up her high operatic range. Even one of Claude McKnights secret voice building exercise is laid bare in this revealing lesson. We all need to be reminded of how important building a strong foundation in our HEAD VOICE brings clarity and power to our mix voice. Finally, Brett brings in a mix voice application as the bottom foundation to the legit head voice. If you have trouble with either head or mix, you will want to see the end of this lesson as Taylor and Brett work through some difficult parts that we left unedited for your benefit. So join now or login and begin to build that power today! Approximate Length: 54 minutes 31 seconds Quality: 640x480 901 Kbps http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/ad/youtube_sso_article/

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