Singing Lessons & Voice Training: Brett Manning Teaches Katie Scherrer


Added on Sep 2, 2009

Length: 05:04 | Comments: 0 Title: SINGING WITH SUBSTANCE Date: 12.31.2008 Coach: Brett Manning Artist: Katie Scherrer Tags: brett manning, katie scherrer, singing success online, vocal exercises, lyric memorization, emotion, style, soul, artistic Description: Directed by: Jeremy Spencer Brett Manning sits down with Katie Scherrer to coach her through an emotionally difficult song. Katie's a very gifted singer, and has no problem with the technique of the song, but Brett sees more in her voice and wants to bring that out. They both exercise through some scales to build texture in her voice while not being too breathy. Brett takes Katie through specific exercises that will help warm her voice up for this specific song. He prepares her for the emotional performance saying "it has to cost you something, or it'll be wasted." The final part of the lesson deals with lyric memorization and word association. This is an amazing one to watch and learn what it takes to emotionally connect with the song and capture your audience. Approximate Length: 43 minutes 32 seconds Quality: 640x360 759 kbps

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Tags: brett  manning  katie  scherrer  singing  success  online  vocal  exercises  lyric  memorization  emotion  style  soul  artistic 


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