Vocal Warm Up: Men, Part 1 - Learn to Sing


Added on Sep 2, 2009

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http://www.goodrichvocal.com In this video Ill show you a reliable and dependable vocal warm-up process that will leave your voice balanced, coordinated and ready to perform at its peak potential. Every singer needs to have a solid technique and an effective vocal warm up to insure a peak performance. (Vocal Warm Ups) One of the most important and most overlooked aspects of a singers or speakers vocal technique is a reliable, dependable vocal warm-up process. Warming up to singers is like stretching for dancers and athletes. Of course, dancers and athletes would never think of performing without a lengthy warm up process. And neither should singers. (Vocal Warm Up) The secret to good vocal warm ups is to start easily with exercises that gently coordinate the voice without taxing it. Waking up the breathing and running the voice through the extension of ones range in a balanced, easy manner requires specific vocalises designed to use what we call a friendly compression so there is little wear on the voice. A proper vocal warm-up will leave the voice with all its reserve. It will be balanced, coordinated and ready to perform at its peak potential much like a race horse ready to sprint out of the gate. Some of the exercises in this video may be familiar to you, however they may have never been explained in such detail so that their benefits are truly understood. There are 2 videos for men and 2 for women. Please watch them even if you think you're familiar with a few of the exercises. The explanations of these warm ups are very clear and the value of the exercise will be obvious. Enjoy!

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