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http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/ad/youtube_sso_article/ Title: KILLING THE SQUEEZE Date: 01.18.2008 Coach: Jesse Nemitz Artist: Adam Fuller Description: Directed by: Jesse Nemitz In this weeks lesson, many secrets of getting the freedom, flexibility, and power in the mix are revealed. Anyone having trouble freeing up their high notes or oversqueezing the voice need to study whats available in this lesson. Students generally ask HOW to approach the high notes so this is yet another perspective on how to get reliable and powerful range that can immediately translate to the stage. Jesse packs in quite a bit of information as this update is chock full of NEW exercises, examples, explanations, and demonstrations of exercises already in your Singing Success program. Also in this update are 1How to vocalize in order to get ready to sing a demanding show 2A way of approaching the mix that make you NEVER MISS (a MUST for live performers) 3Connecting over 3 octaves of FULL voice, not just head. 4Appying the mix to an ACTUAL SONG. (From exercise to lyric and melody) 5Safe vocal distortions 6Warming down and why it is so important Our student, Adam Fuller, is a unique case in that he only recently began singing and has owned the Singing Success program for just under five months. Seeing something unique in the Singing Success approach, Adam also takes voice lessons from Jesse Nemitz, a certified Brett Manning Associate, in addition to working daily with the program. Adam is inspiring many around him because of how much hes improved over the last four months. Hear for yourself in this exciting SSO weekly update. Approximate Length: 49 minutes 58 seconds Quality: 640x480 838 Kbps http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/ad/youtube_sso_article/

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