Singing Lessons & Voice Training: Brett Manning Teaches Kevin Gardner


Added on Sep 2, 2009

Length: 03:58 | Comments: 0 Title: DONT DOGE THOSE HIGH NOTES! Date: 12.21.2007 Coach: Brett Manning Artist: Kevin Gardner Description: Directed by: Jesse Nemitz After cutting together this shoot of Brett and Kevin I immediately felt compelled to try for some of those whistle notes. They made them look so easy. To my amazement I easily transitioned into whistle register as if it was natural for my voice. I havent been to that area of my voice in months and this short lesson on how to complete that part of my range immediately unlocked something in my mind so that I could go and exercise it. This update features our Before & After 2007 contest winner, Kevin Gardner. Go check out his before and after on the Singing Success website. In this lesson Brett teaches how to approach the voice in the morning in order to expand range. He also talks about what components make up a HIT commercial vocal. For anyone out there that wants to begin understanding whats so special about all those voices we hear on the radio you WONT WANT TO MISS THIS! There are some great tips on singing live and how to authentically perform for your audience. Approximate Length: 20 minutes 44 seconds Quality: 640x480 - 936 Kbps

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