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Added on Sep 2, 2009

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Don Roberts is a construction worker, only he doesn't build buildings, he build's throats. Singers of all stripes regularly attend his studio in Oneonta, NY, but rarely in person. Don teaches over the telephone; a bizarre and controversial approach, according to many in the singing world. Day after day, Don teaches voice to up-and-coming opera singers, pop singers and world-renowned cantors. But to enter this particular studio, pupils must embrace the psyche behind the training. Don will go to great, sometimes outrageous lengths to enforce the doctrine that voice teaching is a sacred, existential journey and not just a random seesaw of back and forth singing. Voice Teacher is a psychological profile of a man who has dedicated most of his adult life to facilitating the human voice. A crucial thread in this exploration is the component of Don's family-life and we are introduced to his wife and children. Ultimately, we are guided through the sometimes rough, yet exhilarating maze of Don Roberts by a diverse group of students; each of whom have gone through the proverbial cauldron. Don is obsessive, neurotic, at times harsh and always engaging. This feature-length documentary catapults you inside his hyperactive existence. "Voice Teacher" is currently being submitted to film festivals worldwide. Official Selection: Syracuse International Film Festival (2009) Email for screening info.

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