Voice Lessons: Jesse Nemitz Teaches Eddie Gilbert 2009


Added on Sep 2, 2009

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http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/ad/youtube_sso_article/ Title: WHERES MY VIBRATO? Date: 05.06.2009 Coach: Jesse Nemitz Artist: Eddie Gilbert Tags: brett manning, singing success online, vocal technique, method, voice lessons, jesse nemitz, eddie gilbert, note delineation, vibrato Description: Directed by: Jeremy Spencer Jesse Nemitz is back in the studio with the legendary Eddie Gilbert. You might have seen Eddies amazing before and after video on the Singing Success website, but heres the link just in case you havent - http://singingsuccess.com/testimonials. In this lesson Jesse checks up on Eddies voice. They warm up and work on some pitch exercises that help train the ear and the voice to be able to delineate pitches smoothly. Jesse also takes Eddie through some exercises to help find and control his vibrato. Once again, Eddie proves to be one of the most open to instruction voices weve seen to date; the breakthroughs in this lesson alone are amazing! Approximate Length: 43 minutes 57 seconds Quality: 640x360 759 kbps http://www.singingsuccessonline.com/ad/youtube_sso_article/

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Tags: brett  manning  singing  success  online  vocal  technique  method  voice  lessons  jesse  nemitz  eddie  gilbert  note  delineation  vibrato 


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