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Length: 03:52 | Comments: 0 Title: PREPARING THE VOICE TO SING Date: 10.03.2008 Coach: Brett Manning Artist: James Gardner Tags: james gardner, new singer, jaw tension, refining voice, preparing to sing Description: Directed by: Jeremy Spencer In this update Brett sits down with new Brett Manning Associate, James Gardner. James is an accomplished pianist and producer and has the potential to also be a talented vocalist. Brett explains that "you can grow a week in a year, or a year in a week." James is proof that a voice can be developed very quickly. Brett examines James' voice and gives him some vocal exercises to help smooth out the rough edges and prepare to sing. This lesson also deals with jaw tension, and how to loosen up the muscles that restrict the voice. This is a must see for all new singers and for anyone who wants to refine their voice. Approximate Length: 40 minutes 6 seconds Quality: 640x360 959 kbps

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Tags: brett  manning  james  gardner  new  singer  jaw  tension  refining  voice  preparing  to  sing 


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