Singing Lessons & Voice Training: Jesse Nemitz Teaches Alan Reyes


Added on Sep 2, 2009

Length: 03:17 | Comments: 0 Title: WHY SO MANY NOTES? Date: 03.11.2009 Coach: Jesse Nemitz Artist: Alan Reyes Tags: brett manning, jesse nemitz, alan reyes, singing success online, vocal technique, method, training, voice lessons, low notes, high mix, compression, vowels, phrasing, octaves, extending range Description: Directed by: Jeremy Spencer Jesse Nemitz sits down with long time student, Alan Reyes, to show the importance of extending your range. You never know when your top and bottom notes will be affected by something out of your control, so you want to do everything you can to protect those money notes so that you can sing great even through a cold. Jesse also gives some exercises and tips to brighten up the voice, which is a struggle for most bass singers. Alan has an amazing vocal range and hes overcome some huge obstacles to get there. Check out his story and hear his secrets for getting beyond six octaves! Approximate Length: 44 minutes 23 seconds Quality: 640x360 759 kbps

Channels: How To Sing  

Tags: brett  manning  jesse  nemitz  alan  reyes  singing  success  online  vocal  technique  method  training  voice  lessons  low  notes  high  mix  compression  vowels  phrasing  octaves  extending  range 


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