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Oum Koulthoum - Inta omri remix (ام كلثوم - إنت عمري) - Vocalist Online

Oum Koulthoum - Inta omri remix (ام كلثوم - إنت عمري)
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Various spellings include Om Kalthoum, Oum Kalsoum,Umm Kolthoum. In Turkish, she is named Ümmü Gülsüm. She was an Egyptian singer, songwriter, and actress. Born in El Senbellawein,(kawkab el-sharq).singer of the 20th century and even the Egyptian Ministry of Information seems to have given either December 31, 1898 At a young age, Her father, an Imam, taught her to recite the Qur'an.she was noticed by Abol Ela Mohamed, and by the famous oudist Zakariyya Ahmad, who invited her to Cairo. She waited until 1923 before acceping the invitation. She was invited on several occasions to the house of Amin Beh Al Mahdy, who taught her how to play the Oud". Rawyeha Al Mahdi, daughter of Amin At this point in her career, she was introduced to the famous poet Ahmad Rami, French literature, which he greatly admired from his studies at the Sorbonne, Paris, and eventually became her head mentor in Arabic literature and literary analysis.she was introduced to the renowned lute virtuoso and composer Mohamed El Qasabgi. El Qasabgi introduced Umm Kulthum to the Arabic Theatre Palace, where she would experience her first real public success. she embarked upon a large tour of the Middle East, touring such cities as Damascus, Baghdad, Beirut, and Tripoli. Gamal Abdel Nasser, who would later become the president of Egypt.In addition, Umm Kulthum was a dedicated Egyptian patriot since the time of King Farouk. These performances are structure of Western opera, consisting of long vocal passages linked by shorter orchestral interludes. Enta Omri (You Are My Life) Umm Kulthum was rumored to have had a romantic affair with Sharif Sabri Pasha Umm Kulthum was diagnosed with a severe case of nephritis. She gave her last concert at the Palace of the Nile .She moved to the United States, where she benefited for some time from the advanced medical technology,upon re-entering her home country, she required hospitalization due to declining health. Umm Kulthum died in a Cairo hospital both in the Arab World and beyond. Among others, Jah Wobble has claimed her as a significant influence on his work. Bob Dylan has been quoted as saying "She's great. She really is. Really great" [3][4], Maria Callas, Jean-Paul Sartre, Marie Laforêt, Salvador Dalí, Nico, Bono and Led Zeppelin are also known to be admirers of Kulthum's music. One of her best known songs, Enta Omri, has been the basis of many reinterpretations, including one 2005 collaborative project involving Israeli and Egyptian artists. She had been referred to as "The Lady" by Charles de Gaulle Even today, she has retained a near mythical status amongst young Egyptians. She is also notably popular in Israel among Jews and Arabs alike her songs: Amal Hayati -- Sono ("Hope of My Life") Enta Omri -- Sono ("You Are My Life")........ maqam kurd Fat el Mead -- ("It Is Too Late") Sono Cairo Hagartek -- ("I Abandoned You") EMI Retrospective -- Artists Arabes Associes Alif Leila wa Leila ("One Thousand and One Nights") Sirat el Houb ("Tale of Love") Arouh li Meen ("Whom Should I Go To").......maqam rast Raq il Habeeb ("My Beloved Tendered Back") Lessa Faker ("You Still Remember").......maqam ajam Hathehe Laylati ("This is My Night")......maqam bayyati Al Atlal ("The Ruins")......maqam huzam Betfaker fi Meen ("Who Are You Thinking Of?") Hayarti Qalbi Ma'ak ("You Confused My Heart")......maqam nahwand El Hobb Kolloh ("All The Love").......maqam rast Ental Hobb ("You Are The Love").......maqam nahwand Leilet Hobb ("Night of Love") Othkorene ("Remember Me") Yali Kan Yashqiq Anini Es'al Rouhak ("Ask yourself", or "Ask Your Soul") Enta Fein Well Hobbi Fein ("Where are You and Where Is Love?")......maqam bayyati Dhikrayatun (Qessat Hobbi) Lel Sabr Hedod ("Patience Has Limits")......maqam sikah Baeed Anak ("Away From You").......maqam bayyati Hadeeth el Rouh ("The Talk of The Soul") Gharibun Ala Bab el Raga Fakarouni ("They Reminded Me").......maqam rast Zalamna El Hob ("We Have Sinned Against Love") Ya Zalemny We Maret El-Ayam ("And The Days Passed By").......maqam nahwand Hobb Eih ("Which Love").....maqam bayyati Rubaiyat Al-Khayyam ("Quatrains of Omar Khayyám").......maqam rast
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