AT&T Voice Over Teacher Teaches YOU the Best Voiceover


Added on Sep 2, 2009

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AT&T Voice Over Teacher Teaches YOU the Best Voiceover hi, I'm Susan Berkley, voice that says, "thank you for using AT&T," and I'm the author of Speak to Influence: How to Unlock the Hidden Power of Your Voice. now, have you ever recorded yourself, let's say your making a video, or even if you're wanting to do voiceover, and when you listen back to your voice you hear all these annoying vocal pops and clicks, like there is cotton in your mouth or something? well, there is a great way, a secret we professional voice talents use to get rid of those annoying pops and clicks, and it is eat a granny smith apple before you record. it cuts the mouth noise, you'll get rid of all the pops and clicks, and you will sound gorgeous behind the microphone.

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