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Singing Lessons Learn How to Sing Video Breathing Control - Vocalist Online

Singing Lessons Learn How to Sing Video Breathing Control


Added on Sep 2, 2009

Length: 01:04 | Comments: 1 Singing Lessons Learn How to Sing Video Breathing Control one of the things that I think is very important about singing is breath control, right? So many people talk about breath control, how can I get more breath so I can make that song more brilliant? there are a couple of things you can do. one of them is very simple, and that's swimming. who would have known, right? if you swim every day, you will really build up your breath control. swim underwater, hold your breath, swim underwater, right? the other thing you can do is called the candle exercise. take a candle, light it, put it really close to your face -- about here -- don't burn yourself, and then take a deep breath and blow out and don't blow out the candle. takes a lot of control. Are you an Apprentice fan? DO YOU want to speak alongside DONALD TRUMP & GEORGE FOREMAN! Here is YOUR chance to win this Once in a Lifetime Opportunity, a $250,000 Contest! DONALD TRUMP invites YOU to speak at the next Learning Annex Event! That's right Donald Trump! But not only Donald Trump. . . Two-Time World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, GEORGE FOREMAN is extending that same invitation! Bill Zanker, creator and founder of The Learning Annex is launching YOUR CHANCE to win Americas Next GURU Contest! HERE'S HOW TO ENTER- Step 1: Go to Step 2: Create a FREE user account Step 3: Submit your unique Educational / DIY / How To / Free Video Clips Step 4: Promote your video on your website / MySpace / YouTube etc The user submitted video with the most views at the end of the year WINS! How simple is that ! WHAT DO YOU WIN? As the grand prize OneMinuteU video of the year contest winner you will receive: - Speak on stage to more than 20,000 people alongside DONALD TRUMP & GEORGE FOREMAN (along with many other celebrities) on a national speaking tour of the United States and Canada! - Sign a Book Deal with The Learning Annex! - Receive a Featured Page on ! OneMinuteU provides users with FREE Educational, How To, DIY VIDEO CLIPS. LEARN SOMETHING YOU HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO LEARN IN ONE MINUTE OR TEACH SOMEONE ELSE! Providing free one minute video clips on 100's of how to / do it yourself / educational topics such as: - Relationships - Sex - Sports - Cooking - Lifestyle changes - Magic tricks - Sex Advice - Relationship Advice - Health and Beauty - How To Play Sports - Athletics - BMX Biking - How to Cook - How To Bake - Best Skateboarding Tricks - How to make Lifestyle Changes - Gaining Brain Power - Smart Business - Career Outlooks and advice - Providing Childcare - How to make delicious Cocktails - How to make exotic Shots - Fix My Computer - Healthy Nutrition Advice - Smart and Safe Diets - Electronics and appliances - Fashion Advice - Fashion Knowledge - Creating Finance and Wealth solutions - Play Free Games - Supporting Green Living - Health and Healing - Hobbies - Home and Garden - Internet and Web Entrepreneur - Intimacy relationship advice - Kids Homework Help - Party Tricks - Languages - Motivation and Inspiration - Music, Organization - Real Estate Or even how to play an musical instrument, and much, much more! You can learn it ALL at in one minute at Our Database of Free instructional / DIY / Educational videos and articles is forever growing! Everyone finds the need to learn something everyday! Here at our website you can view TONS of the best FREE DIY, How To, Instructional, Educational, video clips avalable in one place in the world! Please visit now! Sign up! Learn! Promote! WIN! See you there! :)

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