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Kerry Christensen is not your typical yodeler. His concerts and events this year will take him to as many as 23 US states and two or three countries internationally. Kerry spent two years in the country of Austria right out of high school. There he became interested in the Alpine yodeling art. After mastering this difficult medium he was asked in l983 to move his six member family to Orlando, Florida and use his yodeling skills at Walt Disney World's Epcot Center. He performed there for almost seven years until 1990. Today Kerry performs at all kinds of state fairs, corporate events, festivals, and community concerts. He recently lent his unique classical yodeling talent to a full-length Disney animated feature called "Home on the Range." Kerry is perhaps the only full-time yodeler in the world that specializes in all styles of yodeling. He can be strictly Alpine, or he can put on his Stetson hat and do an all-cowboy yodeling show. However, many of Kerry's fans say that their favorite show is when Kerry mixes up the styles. You will hear cowboy, Alpine, Cajun, Latin, Jewish, Hawaiian, jazz, classical, and his always popular mouth trumpet and humorous chicken yodeling renditions.

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