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About Monitors for Broadway Auditions


Added on Sep 20, 2009

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Learn how to treat the monitor at a Broadway audition with expert performance tips in this free online Broadway related video clip. ATHENA REICH: In this clip, I'm going to talk about the monitor. The monitor is the person who sits outside the audition room and they're really the administrator for the audition. They--this is the person you come to in the morning to--and he--he or she gives you your time slot, he or she tells you it's time for you to line up, he or she actually will tell you--remind you in this audition their looking for a 16-bar cut of an up-tempo legitimate song. A lot of actors make the mistake of thinking this person is just the administrator and they can be rude to the monitor and between you and me, not all monitors are nice, beautiful, courteous angels. Sometimes they can be snippy, but you gotta really rise above and I'll tell you why. Because there have been many instances where an actor is a little bit snippy to a monitor and the monitor goes in the room and says, "The next person to audition is [PH] John Smith and he was a little snippy to me, just for your information." So, be careful, be courteous and always professional to the monitor. eHow Article: About Monitors for Broadway Auditions

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