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'Star Wars' Choir Performance - John Williams, Moosebutter - Vocalist Online

'Star Wars' Choir Performance - John Williams, Moosebutter


Added on Sep 21, 2009

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Kiss a wookie, kick a droid... Western Washington University Mens Choir sings "Star Wars" by John Williams, arranged by the a Capella group Moosebutter (Mister Tim) for their Winter Choral Concert "Music in Motion". The piece was conducted by Tim Fitzpatrick. We added some coreography for our performance as well, check it! In case you were wondering, this arrangement is comprised of 6 Steven Spielberg movies and their respected soundtracks from John Williams. They are in order: Close Encounters of the Third Kind Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark Superman E.T. : The Extra-Terrestrial Jaws Jurassic Park For more information about this piece, arrangement, lyrics etc. Go To: Thank You Moosebutter for featuring the video on your Star Wars page under the 'Video' section! Once again: (Then click Video)...there's other awesome ones too. *Special thanks to my roommate taking the film! That was amazing.* John Williams is the Man!!!!

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