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Yehudi Menuhin conducting the Bath Festival Orchestra,and Temple Church Choir. Victoria de los Angeles singing the Laudate Dominum(Psalm 117),composer Mozart. Temple Church,London as a recording venue,1964,for Victoria de los Angeles with the Bath Festival Orchestra, and Temple Church Choir. Recordings of various pieces were laid down,but the audio engineers were dissatisfied with the reverberation within the church,caught by the microphones, and after FOUR days the sessions were abandoned.Victoria must have sung herself hoarse! Fortunately all these takes of religious pieces were not thrown away,but were preserved. Many decades later they were rescued,dusted down, and the least distorted pieces issued. The Temple Church London is a Norman church, built by the Knights Templar,and consecrated in 1185. It has a Chancel,and at the Great West Door,a very large Round(dome). The Round is seen as you enter from Fleet Street. I visited the Temple area three years ago,and went into the church.Tombs of some Knights Templars are in the floor of the Chancel. The BBC now regularly broadcasts from the Temple Church. I think you'll enjoy it. I'M SURPRISED UNCOMPLAINING VICTORIA WASN'T 'STRETCHERED' OUT AFTER FOUR DAYS, SINGING FLAT OUT,TRY AFTER TRY AFTER TRY! Many years later we can enjoy these frustrating efforts.Thank goodness. VICTORIA'S PHOTO COURTESY of FUNDACION VICTORIA de los ANGELES. On web. Testament Records.

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