Paresis & Polypoid Corditis (J. Koufman)


Added on Sep 26, 2009

Length: 01:03 | Comments: 0 This videostroboscopic examination shows left vocal fold paresis (partial paralysis) as well as some mild compensatory polypoid changes (more on the left), LPR, and vocal fold stiffness. (Remember the image is reversed, that is the right is on left and the left is on the right.) This person complains of hoarseness and vocal fatigue. Provided by Jamie Koufman, M.D., F.A.C.S., New York, NY

Channels: Vocal Health  

Tags: Vocal  fold  paresis  partial  paralysis  sulcus  vergature  larynx  voice  singing  laryngeal  biomechanics  throat  doctor  videostroboscopy  vocal  cord  weakness  hoarseness  dysphonia  otolaryngology  laryngology  polypoid  corditis  Reinkes  edema  LPR 


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