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Added on Sep 26, 2009

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? Sam promised to show photos of his vocal chords, and here they are in the flesh. Why can't you eat or drink dairy products before singing? ... Sam Harris can't drink milk or eat dairy before singing as it causes oral phlegm deep in the throat. He previously explained how vocal chords are similar to a vagina. Sam impersonates the action it performs in the original video. No sex, not porn! Vocal chord photos from his Doctor as promised in #10 here: Enjoy! The larynx is located in the throat and contains the vocal chords and glottis. With the exhalation of breath, the diaphragm forces air up through cartilage "horn" of the larynx by contracting. The air moves through the vocal chords, which are situated in the muscular vibrating folds of the larynx, and the glottis, the space formed between them. By stretching the vocal chords, adjusting the tension and varying the air pressure through the glottis, the pitch of our voice is adjusting, tuning higher or lower. A lower sound requires a longer column of air and is felt in the chest, a higher sound uses a shorter column of air and is felt in the nose and head ------------------------------------------- ? ... ? ... behind the scenes in the everyday life of Sam. ? ... ask Sam anything, and he'll reply via a vlog. ? ... answer link from the "Ask Sam Harris" series. ? ... keep up to date, and be Sam's MySpace friend! ? ... to download Sam Harris songs and full albums. ? ... information, biography, discography and buy cds. LEGAL & BUSINESS CONTACT: All videos property of Sam Harris ---

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